Toro-Topdresser 2500 (44507)

Toro-Topdresser 2500 (44507)

Call Price

  • 0.7 m³ Capacity
  • All Wheel Drive
  • Ground-Powered Hydraulic Drive


For maximum performance and power choose the Toro® Topdresser 2500 – a self-contained, all-wheel drive unit towed by a Toro® Workman® or other utility vehicle. The 0.7 m³ capacity coupled with 8 mph topdressing speed will tackle the toughest topdressing jobs. The all-wheel drive ensures a consistant application rate on uneven terrain.

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Steel Hopper

Manufactured of galvanised steel for long term durability.

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Wide Working Width

Topdresser 2500 has a 152 cm working width.

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Large Capacity

0.7 m³ delivers excellent productivity.