Toro-T4240 Heavy Duty 5 Unit Mower (02750)

Toro-T4240 Heavy Duty 5 Unit Mower (02750)

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  • Kubota® 35.3 kW (47.3 hp) diesel engine
  • Narrow transport width for site access / road work.
  • Heavy duty commercial cutting units.
  • Ergonomic operator zone for superior comfort.


The T4240 is a high output mower able to compete with tractor drawn gangmowers in large open areas, yet has the versatility to be used in confined spaces as either a triple, or a five unit machine. Excellent all round visibility from the seating position allows cutting up to obstacles and helps ensure a safer operation.

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Full Weather ROPS Cab

The option of a fully glazed all weather ROPS certified cab, gives maximum visibility and a safe comfortable working environment. Air Conditioning and heater systems are available, giving the operator added comfort in all weathers. The cab can be tilted forwards to gain access for easy servicing through fitting of the cab tilt kit.

Switchable Drive Mode

The T4240 has two switchable modes (road/work) to suit the different traction requirements for grass surfaces and for road surfaces. Road mode gives a gentle 4-wheel drive traction which minimises tyre wear and is suitable for road surfaces. Work mode gives superior 4-wheel drive traction for loose or soft surfaces and also enables the use of the hydraulic differential lock for traction in extreme conditions.

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The T4240 transmission system allows the machine to deliver excellent high torque performance on slopes. To help reduce travelling time between sites, the machine has a maximum transport speed of 14 mph.

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Breakback System

The two outer cutting units incorporate a breakback system, which minimise damage if contact is made with obstructions. When not in use the outer units fold neatly back behind the front wheels and away from the operator’s line of sight.

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Rear Axle

The strong rear axle assembly incorporates a steering shockload protection system. This feature is particularly beneficial when climbing kerbs or working in rough terrain. It also protects the rear axle components against potential damage.